About Us

My name is Kathy, Kat, Kathrene, Katalina, Katita. I answer to pretty much anything! I'm the heart and soul behind Polka Dot Poppy! 
I had just quit my job to be a full time stay at home mom to my then 1year old. I had $83 left to my name. Someone else was letting me live rent free so I could take care of my babe full time. But I still had to figure out a way to make money to be able to buy a mascara or shampoo or the little things like maybe I needed personal items. The little things. So I took my $83 and went to michaels and Joann’s and bought what I could. I was scared. I had little hope and faith in myself. I was like we will see....fast forward 3 years later, I see this picture and I want to cry. I NEVER could have even thought of all the possibilities of what my hands and mind put together with social media could do for me. It was challenging. Starting a website with no experience or knowledge. Staying up for hours trying to figure it out. Figuring out seo, hashtags, book keeping, applying for licenses and tax ids. Coming up with a logo a name. A domain. Alll the things. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I after all only had my high school diploma. And we won’t talk about the GPA I graduated with. All my life I was taught to work. School was never important. But I was also taught to survive and push through. Something college might not even teach you. So when I say I had ZERO experience on where to begin I mean just that. All this to say if you want it bad enough go for it. If it makes you scared. Go for it. If you stay consistent you can make it happen. Living in this country and having access to all the things we do there’s no excuse! I’m living proof! You don’t have to have a degree. For some of us for one reason or another that wasn’t a possibility. But that doesn’t mean that it ends there. Go shine your own way. Thrive in your own light maybe it’s dim maybe you feel like you are sitting in the dark. But if you want it you can have it. Just like that!💓