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About Us

Hello Darlings! My name is Kathy and I'm the heart and soul behind Polka Dot Poppy! This here is my story.......
I was 10 years old and my momma was expecting her 7th child, she's always been a crafter but I never found interest in it till then, I guess turning 10 and finding out you have yet another sibling on the way changes the way you see things. She would get home from work and take out her sewing machine, and start to sew away making baby blankets. For her maybe a stress reliever but for me it was a dream to know how to use that thing! I would sit next to her quietly observing and learning, little did I know momma was watching me closely realizing what interest I had in what she was doing. One day she gifted me all her scraps to play with. I couldn't believe it! She was actually going to let me use the sewing machine my hands itched so much to use! And from then on either it be a craft project or just to sew something up I've never enjoyed anything more! I never imagined at the age of 10 that I would actually do something with it! And 17 years and a toddler later here I am actually selling my creations! But the greatest joy of all of this is seeing my customers bring these items to life!